Women’s Brown Cardigan Sweaters
Christopher & Banks | cjbanks - Women’s Brown Cardigan Sweaters

Brown’s earthy, casual feel has made it a timeless color that transcends fads. The same goes for a classic cardigan. What does change, however, is how you choose to wear a brown cardigan according to your own personal style.

At Christopher and Banks, we have a collection of brown cardigans that are sure to flatter your figure and suit your lifestyle. From the long and relaxed to fitted and structured, you can pair our sweaters with a wide range of separates. Choose one to build a sophisticated yet comfortable wardrobe that lets you show your creativity in any season

Most people think of the brown cardigan as an item to layer over a t-shirt for added warmth in winter months. This is an effortless way to look good, but you can make it great by choosing clever accessories.

Wear a brown cardigan over a clean white t-shirt tucked into your favorite pair of slim fit jeans and pull it together with a brown leather belt. A long, simple silver chain necklace with a bold pendant will draw eyes toward your face and make you look effortlessly classy yet casual. Make that belt a bolder color like teal, a pale pink, or a crisp white to accentuate a feminine figure instead. This can look great with your favorite fall boots, a pair of grey sneakers or a professional heel – whatever fits your needs that day.

Remember that brown can come in many tones and shades, and those differences will dictate how you choose to wear such a sweater. Darker browns can be worn with black, so do not hesitate to wear this odd couple. The warmth of a mahogany brown looks great with deep reds or bright blues, particularly in the fall. For cooler tones of brown, like sandy brown or copper, consider pairing with pink or crisp whites. It can look particularly elegant when choosing an entire outfit of pale hues.

Don’t be afraid to get creative with the standard brown cardigan. There are countless ways to dress it up or dress it down, which makes it a great staple for any woman’s closet. Check out our collection online to find something that fits you.