Amazing Women Grand Prize Winner Linda Coughlin Brooks

Linda Coughlin Brooks

Englewood, CO

"There are so many words to describe Linda. She is dedicated to her family, friends, church and community. She is compassionate - from her role as an OR nurse to a patient advocate she opens her arms and heart to help others. Through the great tragedy of losing her 17-year-old daughter to epilepsy, Linda turned her grief into support for others by becoming a professional counselor to help them through similar losses. She raises national awareness for epilepsy through public speaking and working with doctors and organizations."

"Linda selflessly gives her time to help others. She is a caregiver to her grandson with muscular dystrophy. She is very involved in her church and church groups, and has been to Africa three times on mission trips. She is an active officer and chair for her chapter of the Blue Star Mothers, a national organization for military mothers. She provides support to the other moms as well as to her son who has been on four tours of duty in Afghanistan and Iraq. How she finds time for everything, I’m not sure. But I am truly blessed to have her as a friend."  —   Kathy Hill (Friend)


Amazing Women Runner Up Karen Turner Marion

Karen Turner Marion

Peoria, AZ
Amazing Woman Runner up
May 2016

"Karen turned a terrible loss into healing and helping others. In 2007, her husband Steve died suddenly at age 41, Karen was 38 with a 4 ½ year old son. Karen saw how extra-curricular activities, such as sports, helped her son navigate life after his father died. Karen established Acts of Simple Kindness, a 501(c)3, to provide grants to children of widows and widowers allowing them to pay for programs such as sports, dance, etc. that support their children’s’ interests. Karen reaches out to newly widowed persons and helps them as they start on a journey no one wants to take."    — Julie Tyree (Friend)

Amazing Women Runner Up Susan Leavell

Susan Leavell

Bremerton, WA
Amazing Woman Runner up
May 2016

"Susan makes a difference in the lives of Kitsap students every day at Central Kitsap High School. She is the advisor to the Youth Suicide and Bullying Prevention group. She trained the group and instills hope in students; she is a great encourager. She was previously the lead advisor to CK High's WEB (Where Everyone Belongs) - another anti-bullying group focusing on embracing diversity. She also taught the importance of peer mediation to the school. She has also been a champion to CK High students who needed to learn how to read and write. She became Central Kitsap's Classified Education Association President, advocating for education reform and she later became the Washington Education Association-Olympic UniServ President. She advocated for education reform and help for all school staff members, as having great schools with well-trained staff ultimately helps students. She is a humble, loving, honest, kind, hard-working, unassuming person. She is a great wife, wonderful mother, super grandmother and a great friend to many. Our world needs more 'Susan Leavells.' "    — Bonnie Bogert

Amazing Women Past Winners

  • Fall 2015


    Amazing Women Grand Prize Winner Lindsey Bomgren and her mother, Mary Smith

    Lindsey Bomgren

    Minneapolis, MN

    "She created "Nourish Move Love" to make a difference in women and girls lives, by providing them with valuable information related to nourishment, movement, and love. She aspires to inspire women and girls to actively live their best life and love their bodies for the first, second or 100th time. Her website will motivate you to nourish your body with real food, keep movement in your life and ways to find love for yourself & others with devotions and prayers."

    — Mary Ella Smith (Mother)

    Fall 2015 RUNNERS UP

    Amazing Women Runner Up Kristianne Stewart

    Kristianne Stewart

    Mandeville, LA
    Amazing Woman Runner up
    Fall 2015

    "Kristianne is loved by thousands of women, who walk the cancer journey. After one sister-in-law died from cancer, and another sister-in-law and sister were diagnosed with cancer, Kristianne founded an non-profit to reach out to women battling cancer with love and compassion: Compassion That Compels. Since founding this non-profit in July of 2013, Kristianne's organization has blessed 1,900 women with Compassion Bags. Kristianne recently lost her second sister-in-law to cancer, and even in the midst of her grief, she continued to reach out and touch the live of other women who continue the fight of their lives!"

    — Diana Focht (Friend)

    Amazing Women Runner Up Michele Johnson

    Michele Johnson

    Duncan, OK
    Amazing Woman Runner up
    May 2014

    In summer 2013, tragedy struck Stephens County, Oklahoma. A string of heinous crimes committed by local youth had the community hurting and fearful. Michele Johnson wondered what she could do for the community’s young people to help them realize their own value and the value of those around them. She started a grassroots organization, Beautiful Day, which goes into elementary schools monthly celebrating all children with a birthday that month. Since 2013, Michele has inspired nearly 300 community volunteers to help celebrate 1,600 children by telling them the day they were born was a Beautiful Day!

    — Leah Miller (Friend)

    Amazing Women Runner Up Leah Miller

    Leah Miller

    Ducan, OK
    Amazing Woman Runner up
    May 2014

    She is co-founder of the Beautiful Day foundation which focuses on children and widows! Each child is celebrated and told the day they were born was a beautiful day! The widows are encouraged to believe that beautiful days lie ahead. A monthly candlelight dinner is provided to an average 250 women. She also leads a Bible study called Love in Action, where approximately 50 women grow in their faith and minister to the needs of the community! She also leads the PTO at her two daughters’ elementary school. Her home is always open to receive visitors, host showers, Bible studies and prayer groups!

    — Janice Kay Palovik, (Friend)

  • May 2015


    Amazing Women Grand Prize Winner Annette Wolfe

    Annette Wolfe

    Stanley, NY

    "Students at school call her 'Mama Wolfe,' for always being there to listen and give advice. She listens and guides them with academics, social issues, and how to be a good person. She is the senior class advisor, volunteers at many school events and records everything in beautiful photos. She always has a smile for everyone and her laugh is infectious. Students come into our office just to say 'hi' and check in with her. She is amazing because she juggles all this giving her time and talents, with 2 children and a grandchild of her own. Students call her awesome, the best, and to me the highest compliment – 'Mama Wolfe.'"

    — Brenda Lehman (Co-Worker)

    May 2015 RUNNERS UP

    Amazing Women Runner Up Jill Oswald

    Jill Oswald

    Milton, NC
    Amazing Woman Runner up
    May 2015

    "Jill is an amazing woman because she has demonstrated her love for her family, friends and people throughout the world. Through her own personal difficult trials, she pressed forward into challenging environments sometimes to just hold babies, encourage teens, or hug moms. She moved beyond her fears, limitations and embraced the hurting in Haiti after the earthquake, fed the hungry in Tanzania, distributed medicine in India. She has climbed mountains, sailed over seas, reaching beyond anything she or anyone thought was ever possible. This mom, special needs teacher, and friend has been an inspiration to live life."

    — Angela Probst (Friend)

    Amazing Women Runner Up Lynn Shively

    Lynn Shively

    Salem, VA
    Amazing Woman Runner up
    May 2015

    "Lynn is the most amazing women. She will be retiring from Salem City school system, after serving 30 plus years caring for students, teachers, co-workers, and families of students. She has more love and compassion than anyone I know. She has raised three beautiful, successful children and has three wonderful grandchildren. There is nobody in our small city that doesn't love her. She has been honored twice with best school secretary. She is very giving and generous. In our school, she recognizes all 72 employees with a birthday card and gift every year on their birthday. On Valentine's Day, every child (400 plus) gets card."

    — Lynne White (Co-worker)

  • November 2014


    Amazing Women Grand Prize Winner Sarah Mier

    Sarah Mier

    Sumter, SC

    "The support that Sarah gives her military community is a tireless effor that cannot be matched. She has created several programs to enrich the lives of the military spouse, including Welcome lil' Defender, Welcome to your New Home, Project You're A Survivor, and Operation Christmas Delivery. She also volunteers her time to coach soccer and cheerleading and reads to disabled vets. Sarah embraces the heart and soul of what it means to be a volunteer and always has a warm smile on her face while serving others."

    — Norma Crosby (Colleague)

    November 2014 RUNNERS UP

    Amazing Women Runner Up Greta De Wolf

    Greta De Wolf

    Mason, MI
    Amazing Woman Runner up
    November 2014

    "Greta has worked tirelessly behind the scenes to advance National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Lansing. She is a trainer and facilitator for a course offered to families of individuals with mental illness. She has carried the on call phone, a mobile phone that families can call to ask about resources, support and classes. She has done all the above as a volunteer and also while supporting her daughter who has a mental illness."

    — Margaret Mary Keeler (Friend)

    Amazing Women Runner Up Kimberly Swan

    Kimberly Swan

    Oklahoma City, OK
    Amazing Woman Runner up
    November 2014

    "Kimberly has helped coordinate 20 fund-raising events, raising $75,000 for St. Jude Children's Hospital. She has served with Race for the Cure Survivors, YWCA Our Sisters Closet Committee, Assistant Girl Scout Leader, and Neighborhood Block Secretary. She co-founded Oklahoma City IAHSP Regional Chapter and led two Word Wide Community Servie Weeks involving Accredited Staging Professionals. Since April of 2008, Kimberly has been an active volunteer for Junior League of Oklahoma City and for two years served as a Board Member for the League's major fund-raising endeavor, The Remarkable Shop. "

    — Kathryn Swan (Mother)

  • August 2014


    Amazing Women Grand Prize Winner Lori Beth Phillips

    Lori Beth Phillips

    Flint, MI

    "As a child she was diagnosed with severe learning disabilities, including dyslexia. She struggled through school with teachers who called her lazy or stupid. She quit high school in the 11th grade. But, after being told many times that she would never amount to much, she went back to school, and with lots of hard work, got an associate's degree in childhood education. Now, she works as a paraprofessional in a school system, helping special needs kids learn and feel good about themselves. She has great compassion and cares because she has been there. I am so proud to be her mother and she is an amazing woman."

    — Deanna Martello (Mother)

    August 2014 RUNNERS UP

    Amazing Women Runner Up Frankie Oswell

    Frankie Oswell

    Broken Bow, OK
    Amazing Woman Runner up
    August 2014

    "Frankie ends each day of teaching with nothing left of herself. She works as our Reading Specialist, which results in her serving our lowest performing students, many of whom live in poverty stricken families. Aside from teaching her students to read and helping them experience success in an environment that has often proved intimidating, Frankie pours her heart into 'her kids!' She can often be found slipping extra clothes, after school snacks or encouraging notes into backpacks. Frankie holds high expectations for her students and coworkers. She demands the best from all of us and leads by example!"

    — Tawni Walden (Teacher Colleague)

    Amazing Women Runner Up Amber Holthaus

    Amber Holthaus

    Topeka, KS
    Amazing Woman Runner up
    August 2014

    "Amber has 16-20 kindergarten kids each year. The young boys and girls receive a hug from their teacher as 'this maybe the only hug' that they receive for the day. She loves and encourages each child on a daily basis. She has become a model classroom for her district. She became a teacher to prevent bullying as she watched her older brother become a victim of school bullies. She made a commitment that 'no child would be bullied in her presence' ever again. She is one of the first people to volunteer when needed. She is loves life and all that it offers."

    — Tammy Smith (Mother)

  • May 2014


    Amazing Women Grand Prize Winner Michelle Johnson

    Michelle Johnson

    Springfield, MO

    "There are more than 300 children, who have called her mom in her career as a foster mom. She treats all children with love and respect and puts up with things that most of us will never know, much less be able to imagine. She is what every mom wishes she could be. She takes in the children that one else can handle and she makes a difference in their lives. She gives these children the chance to succeed and never gives up on them. Many of these children continue to be in her life, even years after they’ve left. I just cannot think of a better 'Mother.'"

    — Lynn Boone (Friend)

    May 2014 RUNNERS UP

    Amazing Women Runner Up Ellen Adcock

    Ellen Adcock

    Greenville, IL
    Amazing Woman Runner up
    May 2014

    "She has always done everything she can to assure that our sons get what they need to have a happy, productive life and learn to socialize, despite having Autism. She has the biggest heart full of love, patience, and compassion. Our sons are truly blessed to have her for their mom. She is the perfect mother to them and an extended mother and friend to all those she comes across. To know her, to hear her laugh and make you laugh, is truly a special gift she gives to all who know her."

    — - Daniel Adcock (Husband)

    Amazing Women Runner Up Andrea Berdine

    Andrea Berdine

    Hollister, MO
    Amazing Woman Runner up
    May 2014

    "It started when she was at a thrift shop. It was cold and raining and a homeless man couldn’t afford a coat. The women working told him to leave and made fun of him. Andrea went after him and gave him her husband’s coat, seven dollars and apologized for the way he was treated. From there, she started Selfless Blessings, a nonprofit thrift store where everything is free. She gave up her career to help those in need and everyday helps people get their basic needs. She’s an inspiration to many!"

    — Tabby Meadows (Friend)