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Fashionable plus size women's clothing can be difficult for many women to come across -- especially when they have a specific event in mind. Clothes that look and feel tailored to your body do not have to come with the price tag of a custom clothier. You can find them right here at Christopher and Banks

We give women the confidence to wear the up-to-date fashions they want by offering styles that fit a variety of figures and lifestyles. We have developed a collection of versatile clothes for work, for evenings out and for casual everyday wear. Here, you will find some of your favorite trends in clothes designed for a full figure.


Up-To-Date Styles That Suit Your Personality

Many plus size clothing lines shy away from creativity, focusing more on dark colors and designs that fade into the background. Our collection, however, is full of interesting cuts and colors that brighten and enliven otherwise everyday outfits.

One of our favorite cuts this season is the asymmetric hemline. When this diagonal edge frames a shirt, particularly around the hips, it draws eyes around the outfit, rather than letting them focus only one element. It creates a subtle but dynamic look, so when people see you, they see your creative side from head to toe.

Bold choices like feminine floral tops or abstract printed tanks this season look trendy but smart. They work well for women of any shape and size, particularly when used to add hints of color. Layer these kinds of tops under pullover sweaters, cardigans or jackets to add depth and intrigue to an ensemble. Bold patterns look great as well in dresses and skirts, adding texture and movement without adding bulk in the type of fabric.

A basic color in jeans or slacks will never go out of style, but it is important to make sure the fit of your pants remain up-to-date. Chic structures like slim fit and tapered leg pants look great on full figured women, too. They keep outfits from becoming too baggy, and they add to the crisp, modern feel that women look for in today’s fashions.

Year after year, small changes in trends make a difference. Keep your closet contemporary by updating it with a properly fitted trouser or an interesting and stylish top. We offer it all in sizes that fit you.

How To Dress A Full Figure At Christopher And Banks

No matter what, people look their best when they feel comfortable and confident. That is why any time you build or add to your wardrobe, you need to choose items that will make you feel great. Remember, fashion is not about hiding underneath bulky layers. It is about letting your best features shine. Consider some of these basic rules for choosing clothes that work with your body type

  1. Embrace your shape and size: Too many women approach clothes shopping with a focus on disguise. The result is often a boxy or shapeless sense of style. When you browse for a new top for work or a dress for evenings out, think more about what truly fits you. A flowing top with a flattering neckline or a structured jacket will look best if it accentuates your figure.
  2. Draw attention to your best features: Do people often compliment your long legs? Do you have a particularly feminine neckline? Use these things as a guide for making your favorite characteristics stand out through fashion. Choose an interesting neckline to draw gazes toward your face or shorten a hemline to highlight your favorite shoes. Make bold choices work for you, specifically.
  3. Think about balance and complements, not just matching and coordinating: Outfits are commonly put together by matching color to color, but many other elements go into what makes someone’s style stand out. Consider complex textures in different fabrics, and contrasting color schemes or patterns that make things look more complex. Just be careful to always balance out complexity, bulkiness or striking colors in one area with more subdued choices in others.

Above all else, have fun with fashion. We have items that let you explore the most contemporary styles without sacrificing the timelessness and comfort you want for daily life.

Find The Fit For You

Look your best by building a closet full of comfortable and stylish plus size clothes for women. Many of our items at Christopher and Banks can be worn in a variety of settings. It all depends on how you choose to piece together your outfit with complementary colors and distinguishing textures. Browse our collection for some of this season's most interesting trends in sizes that fit you.