Pet Sock Sweepstakes Winners You shared and voted for your six favorite pets and we designed socks based on them. Thanks to everyone who participated. Meet the pets below.
Our Wonderful, Winning Pets: "Kira", "Lacey", "Mew-Mew", "Ruby", "Barrett", and "Cheeto".
We Don’t Want To Pick Sides, But You Will:
Our "Simply Purrfect" Cat Socks. Simply Purrfect Cat Socks
Our "Bark Around Town" Dog Socks. The Bark About Town Dog Socks
A Little About Our Winners
Our winning cat, Lacey!
Lacey A Shaded Silver Persian Cat who was adopted from a rescue that specializes in helping purebred cats.
Our winning dog, Barrett!
Barrett A Great Pyrenees therapy dog who loves to visit his mom’s school and classroom.
Our winning cat, Mew-Mew!
Mew-Mew A Sphynx who is very vocal and loves to cuddle. Fun fact: He’s named after a Pokemon.
Our winning dog, Ruby!
Ruby A Shihtzu Bichon who loves meeting new people, dogs, and being a proud mom of five puppies.
Our winning cat, Kira!
Kira A rescued Calico Doll Faced Persian who loves her family and squeaks instead of meowing.
Our winning dog, Cheeto!
Cheeto A rescued Yorkie who loves playing with his ball and chewing on greenies.
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