Friendship Rewards Tiers
  1. At the beginning of the year, your tier is based on your prior year’s qualifying purchases. As you make qualifying purchase in the current calendar year, you can join a higher tier based on the qualifying spend from the current calendar year’s spend.

    Tiers are as follows:

    • Silver: spend < $100
    • Gold: spend $100-$249
    • Platinum: spend $250-$599
    • Diamond: spend $600+
  2. As you move up in tiers you will unlock additional benefits.
  3. Once you have earned your tier, it is valid until the end of the current calendar year. At the beginning of the following year your tier is recalculated based on your total qualifying purchases from the previous calendar year.
  4. See the Friendship Rewards FAQs for more on Tiers and additional program details.